Teaching Philosophy:

My approach to teach music is centered on fostering a love for music while providing a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.  I believe that a student's passion for music is the driving force behind successful learning. Therefore, I encourage my students to bring in their favorite songs, and we work together to break down and learn them. During our study, I introduce my students to a diverse range of musical styles and musicians. This exposure broadens their musical palette and encourages open-mindedness.

Beyond playing the instruments, I guide my students in developing overall musicianship skills. This includes ear training, reading musical notation and lead sheet charts, sight reading skills, understating music theory, and playing in ensembles. These skills are crucial for students who aspire to participate in professional musical settings, such as rehearsals, bands, and gigs.


What Services do I offer?

I teach guitar, piano, ukulele and music theory lessons for all levels. The lessons can be done in two ways: if the student is living in the Bay Area (Santa Clara County), I can arrive to the student’s house. If the student either prefer to do it remotely or live in an area where I’m not teaching, zoom lessons is another option.

In addition to music lessons, I offer other services as a freelancer guitar and piano player, ensemble director, transcription and notation of original music works, musical arrangements and orchestration.